David Vibert

David Vibert was born in Neath and studied at Swansea College of Art before going to the Slade School of Fine Art in London where he won the Fine Art Award for painting in 1959. He received a scholarship to study printmaking at Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, and then went to Paris to continue his printmaking studies at Atelier 17. He has exhibited widely in the UK and overseas with his work held in private and public collections in the UK, Sweden, Spain and the US.
After a career in teaching he retired in 1993, and now lives in Penarth where he continues his painting practice.

The influences on my work are varied and many. No one works in a vacuum whatever their artistic medium, and I am no exception. My art is the result of accumulated experiences, the reflection of a life spent observing and participating. The natural evolution of an artist is to be stimulated by the subconcious absorption and transmutation of those experiences.
I work from the inspiration of the imagery provided by the textures and fragments found in the landscapes and seascapes of Wales. The activity itself dictates the final product. At times I find it necessary to destroy what could be a conclusion in order to articulate a meaning - thus reflecting the conflict present in all art statements.
The present subject matter of my work is to do with surfaces which reflect the interaction of elemental, natural and man made forms, reducing them to their essential natures. My work concentrates on a series of paintings on themes relying heavily on a reduction of forms and shapes to achieve the atmosphere and essence of the mystery that is life. My work during the past few years has been committed to attempting to capture the pure essence of nature in all its chameleon like aspects through colour, texture, pattern and shape

Interaction II
120 x 120cm

Figures III
120 x 120cm

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